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Patricia Ray
Image by Yerson Retamal via Pixabay

There’s this thing about finishing something at the last possible moment and after you think it’s done, you find out you made a mistake. It’s the story of my life, really. I seem unable to get my shit together and observe deadlines smoothly. I guess I load too much on my pitchfork, so I wobble to the hay wain as if I’m drunk. Most of the time, no one is aware of it. I correct myself and my mistakes. But I often feel silly and exhausted.
I love writing prose because it never makes me feel silly or exhausted, even though…

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Call me a bad girl, but when I’m alone in people’s houses, I wander around, peeking into their closets and drawers. I find it exhilarating to rummage through clothing, bags and boxes, finding secretive items like Easter eggs, discreetly hidden in ordinary things like pillowcases or shoe boxes. My main vice is hunting for sex toys. And using them as I fantasise about their owner using them too. Being a poor student, I don’t have the means to spend my money on expensive dildos and vibrators and if I would, I’d probably bankrupt myself within a month on the vast…

An androgynous looking person
Photo by cottonbro via Pexels; edited by author

Supernatural Series

Aldert stood in the middle of the motorway, screaming like a banshee. Headlights shone all around him, angry horns bellowing their protest against his daredevil behaviour. The side mirror of a pickup truck rammed into his shoulder, spinning him on his heels like a revolving door. The impact caused a sharp pain in his collarbone, which dissolved within three pirouettes, as the regenerative power of his body mended the fracture. At least, I felt something, he thought, coming to a standstill and to his senses. How silly to endanger these poor souls in their cars.

He sprinted to the side…

Image by Marcelo Chagas via Pexels

Erotica, Series

Previously: Cathy is invited by Daria, her friend with benefits, for a two-week-holiday at a grand villa in Italy with five other women. Cathy’s feelings for Daria run deeper than she admitted, but she’s finally ready to give in. But, out of the blue, Alexander appears, her nemesis of love and lust.

‘Cook with me,’ Alexander said, and he strolled off to the kitchen. I was still dumbfounded.

‘Nice man,’ said Daria, ‘How do you know him?’

‘I fucked him.’ With as much courage as I could muster, I looked Daria in the eye. ‘A lot,’ I added. Better to…

Image by Elisa Guarneros via Pexels

Erotica, Series

Previously: Cathy is invited by Daria, her friend with benefits, for a two-week-holiday at a grand villa in Italy with five other women. After being challenged by Else, who turns out to be Daria’s ex, Cathy realises her feelings for Daria are deeper than she wants to admit.

The door to their room was ajar, and their moaning was unrestrained, because they assumed they were alone in the house. Had I not come back for my Leica, they would’ve been for the rest of the afternoon. I did consider leaving them to it, tiptoe downstairs and go back outside. …

A young woman laying on a rock in her bikini
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Erotica, Series

Previously: Cathy is invited by Daria, her friend with benefits, for a two-week-holiday at a grand villa in Italy with five other women: two couples and a single young woman. Cathy masturbates in front of Katherine, who subsequently invites Cathy to her marital bedroom. But Cathy feels that her wife, the sporty Else, dislikes her.

Had a bit of a showdown with Else this morning. Both of us are early birds and I was about to dive into the pool for a swim when she asked me to join her on a run. …

Photos by RODNAE Productions and Steve Johnson via Pexels; image composite by author

Erotica, Series

Previously: Cathy is invited by Daria, her friend with benefits, for a two-week-holiday to a grand villa in Italy. Five other women, two couples and a single young woman, join them. The latter, Beate, spends a noisy, orgasmic night with Cathy and Daria.

I come back from getting groceries, and the villa is deserted. The others have probably gone for a walk or something, which is fine by me because I can prepare the dinner I promised to make, undisturbed. The lovely smell coming from the fresh vegetables I bought at the market in the village soothes me. …

Photo by Arturo Rivera on Unsplash

Erotica, Series

Catch up on all the episodes here. Each part is a standalone story…

I cannot believe I’m writing this on a terrace with early morning sunshine warming the surrounding vineyards and the amazing mountainous landscape of Umbria in the distance. I just had a swim in the pool (yes!) and made myself a macchiato. Daria and the others are still asleep. This is exactly what I needed. To get out of Berlin, away from Alexander and Nina and all that shit. When Daria asked me if I wanted to join her for a holiday in Italy, I was wary of…

Photos by Liana Mikah on Unsplash and Jose Jovisur on Pixabay; composite by author

Erotica, Series

All I wanted was to fuck. I didn’t care what anyone would think or do if David and I got caught. I was 17, and we’d been working in the orchard all day, circling around each other like flies. The late afternoon sun warmed our already overheated bodies as we got rid of our smudgy work-clothes.

Mum had sent me to aunt Louise and uncle Bill in Somerset after I’d been expelled in the first week of the school year. It was her idea of disciplining me.

‘You’ll probably get drunk on cider all the time but at least made…

Photo Pexels/Pixabay CC0; edit by author

Erotica, Series

Carola and Mads were from Munich and we got in touch through Tinder. They took me to dinner, and were honestly interested in my work as a photographer and pretty knowledgeable about it too. Both of them were quite talkative, discussing all kinds of topics, provoking each other and me with bold statements. Carola had written several erotic novels under a pseudonym which annoyed Mads because in his opinion, the use of an alias was only necessary because of the prudish hypocrisy of our society not allowing a practising psychologist to publish erotica. …

Patricia Ray

Erotic-romance author writing more than just sizzling sex.

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